Trainee Innlandet is a trainee programme for college graduates who are seeking professional and personal development, a steep learning curve and a challenging workday. Established in 1999, Trainee Innlandet is the regional trainee programme in Norway which has been operating for the longest period of time.

Trainee Innlandet recruits approximately ten trainees every year, offering them a unique opportunity. The trainee programme lasts two years and places the candidates in three companies during three work modules, each lasting for eight months. During this period trainees gain knowledge and experience in several exciting industries, organizations and cultures. The assignments and development plan is tailored combining the needs of the companies and the background of the trainees. There is consistent dialogue between the trainees and the companies, which enables the trainees to influence the shape of their modules, assignments and career paths.

The trainee programme focuses on providing training and development opportunities as well as building network among trainees and companies. During the two-year period the trainees complete a 20-day competence course where the main focus is to tailor communication, leadership and change management skills. Here, the trainees get a course which is wrapped in theory, practical examples and exchange of experience from the everyday trainee life. The trainees are responsible for the marketing work and therefore get valuable experience in marketing-, web- and recruiting management. In addition trainees have an opportunity to contribute to the development of the trainee programme.


Trainee Innlandet offers:  

• A 2-year commitment • 3 companies - 3 cultures - 3 opportunities
• 20-day competence course • Private pension scheme
• Networking • Coaching and close follow-up
• A challenging workday • Social activities